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I am a Digital Art CV!

I am a Digital Art Community Volunteer. I can only accept DD suggestions from the following Digital Art galleries:

:bulletblue: Digital Art > 3-Dimensional Art
:bulletblue: Digital Art > Animation
:bulletblue: Digital Art > Drawings & Paintings
:bulletblue: Digital Art > Mixed Media
:bulletblue: Digital Art > Vector & Vexel
:bulletblue: Digital Art > Sci-Fi & Space Art

Please review my Daily Deviation Guidelines:

How to suggest

Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion include the thumb code along with the reason why you think the deviation deserves a Daily Deviation.

I may not reply to all suggestions but I do read, consider and appreciate every suggestion :heart:

Digital Articles

The Digital Art Categories ExplainedThe following is the complete list of the current Digital Art categories with full descriptions and examples to assist you with selecting which category is the most appropriate to submit your artwork. 
Digital Art > 3-Dimensional Art
The Digital Art > 3-Dimensional Art gallery is for 3-Dimensional art created by manipulating polygon meshes and molding them into objects, characters, and scenes.
3-Dimensional Cartoons submit to Cartoons & Comics > Digital Media > Cartoons > 3-Dimensional 3-Dimensional Comics submit to Cartoons & Comics > Digital Media > Comics > 3-Dimensional3-Dimensional Manga  & Anime submi
Digital Hacks #1: Rule of Thirds GridHi and welcome to Digital Hacks! Digital Hacks is an education based series that aims to make your life as a digital artist easier by providing you with education, tips, and tricks of the trade. In this article, I will be using Adobe Photoshop CC, discussing the Rule of Thirds, and I will show you how to create a Rule of Thirds Grid using Photoshop. Let's get started!
  Overview of Tools
Adobe PhotoshopPhotoshop Grid FeatureKeyboard (PC or Mac)Difficulty Level: Easy  
  Rule of Thirds 
Before, I show you how to turn your Grid Feature into a Rule of Thirds Grid let's discuss what the Rule of Thirds actually is and why it is beneficial to digital artists.

The term Rule of Thirds, is more commonly known to photographers and it pertains to photographic composition. The Rule of Thirds is one of the very first things photographers learn about as it teaches them how to achieve well-ba
Digital Hacks #2: Photoshop The Basic Theory
We often do not think about our software in terms of why it does something in a certain way or even how it is capable of assisting us in creating our art. However, the process behind the scenes that allows us to create our digital art, truly is an art-form in itself. In this issue of Digital Hacks, I will be showing you behind the curtain of Adobe Photoshop and introduce you to the basic theory of how it all works. I look forward to introducing you to the basics and continuing to teach you about Photoshop using Digital Hacks as our "online classroom" until you have mastered the software for yourself. Oh, and don't worry I have tons of creative tutorials, tips, and tricks coming up in future articles to make your life as a digital artist easier.
 Photoshop Overview
Adobe Photoshop (Ps) is an image editing application, with an abundance of tools and commands for creating and working on bitmaps (digital images). Photoshop provides
Digital Hacks #3: Add Copyright Information in PsIn this article, I will be showing you how to add Copyright and Descriptive Information to your files in Photoshop. This is useful for when we publish images online and want them to retain information about their source regardless of where they end up on the web. I am a dummy! 
Photoshop and some similar image-editing applications can detect the copyright information in an image and display it as soon as the image is opened. Copyright laws give the creators of images certain rights to exclusively publish and distribute their works. Adding appropriate information to your images is one way to help protect your work. 
  Overview of Tools
Adobe PhotoshopAdd Copyright and Descriptive InformationDifficulty Level: Easy  
 Add Copyright and Descriptive Information
I am now going to walk you through adding Copyright and Descriptive Information to a file in Photoshop. For the purpose of this tutorial, I


Jul 3, 2015
7:47 am
Jul 3, 2015
5:06 am
Jul 2, 2015
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Jul 2, 2015
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Jul 2, 2015
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Muro Challenge Fun #77 Winner!

Fri Jun 26, 2015, 9:15 AM by diphylla:icondiphylla:


For the past two weeks, I hosted a Muro draw challenge in the DrawPLZ forum. The challenge for deviants was to draw a hipster penguin for a 3 month premium membership or the equivalent in :points:.

Congratulations Steampunkie

Hipster Penguin by Steampunkie



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Digitalism v.29

Thu Jun 25, 2015, 11:35 AM

a few of my favorite...

Wed Jun 24, 2015, 10:48 AM

Eureka by AquaSixio


1. You have to post the rules 
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves. 
3. Answer the 13 questions asked and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
4. Choose 13 people
5. Have fun!

13 things about me:

1. I am obsessed with Batman and Darth Vader and have collections for both.
2. I have 13 tattoos (how fitting for this...).
3. I was on the golf team in high school.
4. When I am upset or stressed I have dance parties with myself.
5. I love videogames.
6. I have 3 black cats; Binx, Pagan, & Shadow.
7. I collect art books.
8. I struggle with PTSD.
9. Even though my name is Brittney no one calls me that IRL.
10. My favorite song is either Losing my Religion by REM, Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, or Wicked Games by Chris Isaak.
11. My favorite gem is Onyx.
12. I prefer Apple to Android.
13. I love reading history and true crime books.

Questions from Astarsia:
1. Favorite place to spend time alone?
A cemetery by my house.

2. Favorite band/singer?
Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty, Staind.. .and many more.

3. Do you believe in marriage?

Yes, I do.

4. Family in one word?


5. Love at first sight - true or false? 

I wouldn't call it Love... I believe two souls can recognize each other and feel a connection from first sight, but love takes time. 

6, Favorite genre of movies?
Comedy, SciFi

7. Got any significant other?

8. What's your goal in this life?
If you would have asked me this a year ago I would have given a completely different answer, but so much has changed in my life. I experienced so much death, pain, and challenges that it changed me. Thus, my main goal in life is to be a better more positive person.

9. Do you believe in reincarnation?

Yes, I do. I believe souls learn to become more enlightened through Earthly experiences. 

10, Bike or car?
Car. My lancer was recently paid off and I still love it as much as I did when I bought it 5 years ago.

11, Pizza or pasta?
Pizza, always.

12. What do you know about Ukraine?
Not very much. I know it is the largest European country and that it once was apart of Russia until it declared its independence. Oh and that Russia has tried to brute force Ukraine back to being apart of Russia.

13. One word to describe the world? 

13 Questions for others:

1. What is your nickname?
2. What was your favorite subject in school?
3. Do you believe in Aliens?
4. Name one thing you cannot live without:
5. Do you have any children? If no, do you want children?
6. What is your biggest regret?
7. What is your first memory involving art?
8. If you won the lottery... what is the first thing you would do?
9. What is the last meal you would want served to you before you die?
10. Have you ever had surgery? If so, what type?
11. If you could change your gender right now would you?
12. Would you rather have power or love?
13. Why is art important to you?

The people I tagged:
tiganusi Lyricanna Negatic morbidman187 Aeirmid Exillior STelari Riemea neverdying bmnance VAngelLJ Abeam ByeoI 

Skin by Dan Leveille

Have you joined digitizing yet? 

9 deviants said Yes! :eager:
3 deviants said No, but I will!


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